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Maas Media Vol. 32

Ursula Bogner - Pluto hat einen Mond

7 inch vinyl single

A cooperation between
Jan Jelinek/Faitiche & Laura Mars Grp. Berlin 2009 / 2010

Limited edition of 300 copies

Seite A:
Photosphaere (1:39)
Rhythmus 80 (2:15)

Seite B:
Synchronton 2 (2:34)
Expansion (Version) (1:55)

Preis: 15 Eur
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Bogner Hörproben

More Bogner sound at
Although her musical work was the work of a pioneer, Ursula Bogner has been an unknown artist for a long time. Until in 2008 her work was rediscovered by fortunate coincidences and now - step by step - it becomes available for the public. Her works for Synthesizers could have been groundbreaking. This 7inch, released in a small edition of 300 copies, contains 4 tracks. It was released to tie in with an exhibtion about Bogner's work, sketches, notations at the Laura Mars Gallery, Berlin, in mid-December 2009.
Anost - A number of Small Things

► one2zero

Another archival bit of lost sixties synthesizer music from the very mysterious Urusula Bogner. Or is it? We made the Ursula Bogner full length our Record Of The Week a while back, a collection that purported to be the music of a British housewife, who was basically a secret one woman BBC Radiophonic Workshop, spending her time at home during the day, collecting and building analog synthesizers, constructing soundproofed recording studios, inventing strange instruments, and most importantly, creating some incredible spaced out, subtly psychedelic electronic music. But the catch is, she just might not be real, and in fact, might just be the construct of Jan Jelinek, whose Faitiche label 'discovered' Bogner and assembled that collection. You can read more about Mrs. Bogner in our review of the full length, but as far as we were concerned, it hardly mattered, if she was in fact real, it's an amazing discovery, if it is actually a hoax, then it's an incredibly and meticulously pulled off hoax indeed, and after all, it all comes down to the music, which in either case, is absolutely fantastic....
Konzert "Schleusen" bei youtube